Online Pain Management Programmes

There are a few pain management programmes online. There is emerging evidence to suggest that these programmes can support people to live well with pain, especially if you can link with a clinician or a support group of people at some point.

painTRAINER is an interactive, online program based on scientific research that teaches you effective strategies to manage your pain.
The Pain Course
Do you want to contribute to research? This is an 8 week programme involving 4 hours per week. The next two groups of the Pain Course will be starting on 13th of July and 7th September.
Chronic Pain - Reboot
The course teaches CBT skills to help better manage chronic pain and improve quality of life. This is free to access for 4 months if you sign up during the COVID 19 crisis.
Pathway Through Pain
A digital pain management programme used in a number of NHS trusts. There is a cost attached.
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