Peer Support and Reflection Group: 'Let's Talk about Pain'

The Physiotherapy Pain Association have launched a monthly support session which is an exclusive benefit for members.

The PPA committee are passionate about providing clinicians and students with a supportive space to share difficulties they encounter in clinical practice.
Participants in the group are invited to bring along a complex case or aspect of practice that they would be willing to discuss with a small group. These sessions are an opportunity for clinicians at all stages of their career to reflect and develop their practice through open conversations and facilitated discussion.
We are so lucky to be joined by patient representatives and expert facilitators. You can find out more about those supporting the session here:
A reflective conversation model is used for the case discussion, which previous participants have really helpful due to the depth of insight gained (Launer, 2016).
Members from all specialties are welcome. The PPA is committed to support Chartered Physiotherapists and other clinicians to optimise the assessment, treatment and management of people with complex pain.
This benefit is available to PPA members only.  
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