Find a range of apps that can support meditation and movement practices.

The Physiotherapy Pain Association (PPA) believes these apps offer practices that may be helpful for people experiencing persistent pain, but these apps are not endorsed by the PPA.

The ACT companion

(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy App – currently free to download by entering the password TOGETHER)


Down Dog Yoga(this is free to use until May1st. If you are a student or healthcare professional it is free until July 1st)

Options for different yoga practices


Has mindfulness meditations, life coaching, stories, and music, created by therapists and coaches.


Aims to help you de-stress, sleep better, get happier & be healthier with guided meditations, soothing music, nature sounds and masterclasses.


Focusses on mobile or on-the-go meditation, which you can do wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. They also have more traditional formal meditations.


Hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress, sleep, focus and anxiety. Bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules and ‘SOS exercises’. There is a free subscription available to NHS employees until the end of Dec 2020. 

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