Keeping Active

Start any movement practice slowly and build up steadily. If you are following these videos and find some of the movements are difficult, try adapting it to your needs. The key is to feel challenged, but confident!

Pick something you think you will enjoy, as you are more likely to repeat it. Exercise doesn't need to give you a 'buzz' or make you sweat - movement can be relaxing and restorative too.

Muscle soreness is normal following an activity you haven't done for a while. If this happens, keep moving gently, but give yourself a chance to recover before doing another challenging set of exercises.

Exercising when it hurts


Exercising with persistent pain


Gentle Chair Yoga Routine 


Gentle yoga for chronic pain


Overcome pain with gentle yoga - cost involved.


Accessible yoga class - introduction begins from 2 min, with the practice commencing at approx 10 min. A lot of verbal instruction, which may be helpful if you are new to yoga.


Chair based exercise


Exercises for Strength and Balance – suitable for all abilities


PhysioYoga with Shelly Prosko


Gentle exercises – sitting and standing


Easy Tai Chi/Qi Gong – Don Fiore (YouTube)


Exercising with persistent pain - a blog from Ann who has persistent pain and is a physiotherapist

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