Insights from people living well with pain

Living with persistent pain can be challenging and lonely. It can be helpful to hear how others live well with pain.

Living Well with Pain

A set of blogs, written by a persistent pain patient, around the topic of pain management.

NEW! Video about the complexity of pain from someone who lives with it.

Living Well with Pain - Pain Management   Follow Tina @LivingWellPain on Twitter.


Louise Trewern

Louise has shared her story about Life after opioids on the My Live Well with Pain website. She has also blogged about her COVID 19 Lockdown experience as walking had become a lifeline for Louise and her routine had to adapt to her new situation. Follow Louise @loulouscorpio on Twitter.


NEW! I carry my pain...

Kat speaks about trying to explain her pain to a helathcare professional.

This is a recording of a twitter thread where she reglarly updates. Follow Kat @tmopain on Twitter.


NEW!! Muddy Care

Nikki shares her recovery from multiple long term conditions. Nikki has been participating in the Muddy Care Pilot.


The Mighty

A wealth of information to support people living with health conditions


My Cuppa Jo

Joletta Belton blogs about her experience of persistent pain following an accident at work and her journey to patient advocate.


Pain Toolkit

Pete Moore has successfully managed persistent pain for decades. He is passionate about sharing self management skills with everyone, as early in their journey as possible.


Natasha Lipman

Chronic illness blogger and journalist. Natasha explores ways of living well with persitent pain and fatigue.


Flippin' Pain

People with a range of pain conditions share their stories of rehabilitation and helpful tips.



Sean’s story




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