Pilot commenced for Therapeutic Interactions and Person Centred Care Skills

The pilot has just commenced for a training package that the PPA has developed in partnership with the HIN South London and Prof Frank Keefe of Duke University.

The PPA has been involved with designing the Therapeutic Interactions and Person centred care Skills (TIPS) programme with Health Innovation Network South London and Prof Frank Keefe, funded by the Q Improvement Lab/Health Foundation.

This has been a really exciting project and the PPA has been represented on the project team by Diarmuid Denneny (PPA Chair) and Christine P (Patient Representative). The pilot has just commenced in St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust hospitals with facilitator Rebecca McLoughlin (PPA member).

Diarmuid has contributed to a blog “Is it ok to ask patients if their chronic pain is affecting their mental health?” which sets out the aims of the project and two videos with views of physiotherapists and patients.

The hope is that this training will support clinicians to develop competencies outlined in the PPA/CSP Framework document.

The project team will share updates and future plans once the pilot has progressed.

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