PPA Physiotherapy Framework - entry level graduate to expert

Describing the values, behaviours, knowledge & skills of physiotherapists working with people in pain

This document was developed in collaboration between the Physiotherapy Pain Association and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. This work has taken the CSP’s Physiotherapy Framework and focused on the qualified practice levels, applying them to describe the values, behaviours, knowledge & skills used by physiotherapists working with people in pain.

This document is a resource that will be used, in the future, to develop descriptors of competence. These descriptors will function to appraise performance and ability. It was felt by the working group that this document should be completed first in order to help ensure that all future work in the development of competencies is robust.

This document describes levels of expertise in areas of practice; these are not intended to be equated to Agenda for Change bandings or job titles. It is not intended that any clinician should aim for the expert level of practice across all domains, as this would be unrealistic and unnecessary. Therefore, an individual will practice at different levels in different domains, depending on a number of variables, for example, their role, their patient population, their experiences and training and their access to appropriate support.