Comment on the draft NICE Guidance for Chronic Pain

The Physiotherapy Pain Association is a registered stakeholder for the draft NICE Guidance on Chronic Pain and welcomes comment to form the response.

The Physiotherapy Pain Association welcomes the draft NICE Guidance for Chronic Pain: assessment and management and will be responding to the draft as a stakeholder. 

The draft guidance is for a range of chronic pain conditions not covered by other guidance.  If you have comments or feedback that you wish to submit via the PPA, please use the linked form and the format as recommended by NICE. The consultation documents can be accessed here.

All comments must be related to a specific part of the draft guidance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit general comments about the draft guidance due to the format required by NICE.

The deadline for submission is the 14th of September, but in order to collate responses and process them, all comments must be submitted using the template document via email by 10am Thursday 10th September.


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