Supporting Members to Deliver Digital Rehabilitation

The PPA have run two successful webinars to support clinicians to deliver remote consultations and groups.

In the past fornight, the Physiotherapy Pain Association have organised two webinars that were well attended live and are now available to view.

Both webinars feature the experience and voice of patients and practical guidance and learning from clinicians implementing digital practice.

The webinar delivered on 29th May was Online Pain Management Groups which will be of interest to anyone delivering pain management programmes, physio-led rehabilitation programmes and exercise based groups.

The webinar that aired on 5th June 2020, Reflections on Digital Consultations was focused on individual consultations. There are a number of resources attahed to this session that can be found here.

The content of each session and the recordings are available via the links above. If you found the webinars helpful, please share them with your networks. We would also welcome comments or feedback via email.

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