PPA member raising Equality and Diversity issues in physiotherapy globally

PPA member and pain management physiotherapist, Mohammad Shoiab contributed to a session at WCPT World Congress 2019 in Geneva.

A Pain Management Specialist Physiotherapist, Mohammad Shoiab presented at the WCPT World Congress at a session titled "Diversity and Inclusion - what this means for Physiotherapy" with other physiotherapists from around the world. The session was recorded and this is now accessible to people who did not attend the event. Mr Shoiab was a key contributor to the WCPT Diversity and Inclusion Policy statement,

Following on from this, Mr Shoiab then gained the votes at ARC for the CSP to commit to raising the profile of the equality and diversity networks within the CSP. Mr Shoiab's leadership in this area within the UK is very much needed, and builds on his work in recent years designing a culturally appropriate pain management programme in Urdu for an underserved population of people with pain in Bradford.

Mohammad Shoiab is on Twitter @shoiab1 and posts regularly. Follow to keep up to date with his work.

The WCPT World Congress programme was very high quality and packed full of world leaders in all aspects of physical therapy. There are also 11 focused symposia recorded and available now.


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