Invitation to Hyeprmobility Survey

Year published: 2013

Hypermobility and Hypermobility Syndrome

 Nationwide survey


Hypermobility syndrome is increasingly acknowledged as a factor behind musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Although physiotherapy is an essential part of its management, there is little published evidence about the common approaches used by UK physiotherapists when treating adults with this complex condition.


This study aims to explore the knowledge and current practice of physiotherapists who may encounter hypermobility and hypermobility syndrome within their caseload in a variety of healthcare settings across the UK. An electronic survey, which takes ten minutes to complete, has been designed from a questionnaire, previously validated for this clinical group. It will be distributed via the iCSP and a variety of clinical networks. The study has been granted ethical approval by the ECDA Committee, Health and Human Sciences department at the University of Hertfordshire.


If you are a physiotherapist working with adults presenting with musculoskeletal disorders in the UK you are invited to complete the survey by following the attached link. The information collected is strictly anonymous and confidential.

Please also pass this invitation on to other physiotherapy colleagues who may be willing to participate and help extend knowledge of this important topic.


If you wish to learn more about hypermobility syndrome, you will be able to follow a link to a specialist website at the end of the questionnaire.


Thank you for supporting this project.


For more information contact Miranda Lyell MCSP MSc Candidate, University of Hertfordshire



Project supervisors:

Dr Jane Simmonds MCSP MMACP Professional Lead for

PhysiotherapyUniversity of Hertfordshire


Janet Deane ARUK Clinical Doctoral Fellow, Imperial College, London


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