Education and Resources

The PPA is commited to providing a community of practice to share knowledge and experience in order to improve outcomes for people living with pain.

Peer support and reflection

Monthly Peer Support & Reflection sessions have been running since August. The next session is at 7:30pm on 23rd November.



The CSP Spotlight on Rehab webinars on 'Self management' and 'Pain' featured the PPA. They are available to CSP members via the Community Rehabilitation network here.



Conversations Inviting Change will be running again in the new year. Read PPA Education officer Clair Jacobs reflections on a narrative approach. 

The PPA have collaborated on a training package Psychologically Informed Collaborative Conversations (PIC-C) with The Health Innovation Network AHSN, St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Duke University, USA. Funding was from Q Improvement Lab, a Health Foundation Initiative, to test innovative ideas to improve care and services for people living with pain. An evaluation report of the PIC-C project is now available to download.

If you have not completed the Cognitive Behavioural Skills to Treat Back Pain (the BeST programme), this is an excellent course and available free via FutureLearn.



Topical Issues in Pain 1-5 are now available via Louis Gifford's website. These texts still have a wealth of clinically applicable insights.

Collated online Self Management Links for patients and therapists during COVID 19. Collated links for resources in other languages and tips on how to create accessible information is also available.

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