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The PPA is keen to provide a space for members to share different experiences - living well with, or supporting people in pain.


Rebecca Hunter, Physiotherapist in Pain Management, NHS Highland and a PhD Student in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Highlands and Islands shares her perspectives on how patient empowerment within pain management may be upholding the neoliberalist and capitalist structures in our society

Physiotherapist and PhD student Cass Macgregor, and Professor Blair H Smith share their thoughts on chronic pain, the WHO/IASP definition of chronic primary pain and the term's use in the NICE guidance. What is Chronic Primary Pain and why does it matter?

MSK Physiotherapist and PPA North committee member Alice Hopkins blogs here, summarising a systematic review of the content and context of positive messages in healthcare consultations to improve patient outcomes.

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Chronic Pain, and NHS Lanarkshire - Glasgow Caledonian University PhD student Cass Macgregor has shared this blogon why it is important to understand the lived experience of under researched populations when developing knowledge in the complex field of chronic pain.

Patient Advocate Louise Trewern has shared her story about Life after opioids on the My Live Well with Pain website. Louise has blogged about her COVID 19 Lockdown experience as she has had to adapt her pain management strategies in response to her new situation.

PPA committee member, Claire Campbell has written a series of blogs on movement and pain management physiotherapy for people with chronic pain with Natasha Lipman, journalist and chronic illness blogger.

PhD student and NHS Physiotherapist James Watson shares his clinically relevant research findings on pain neuroscience education in chronic musculoskeletal pain in this blog. The original paper can be accessed here

The Living Well with Pain blog is written by Tina, who lives with a persistent pain condition. Everyone will experience pain differently and although it affects people in different ways, it may be helpful to read about one person's experience and gain an insight that may help the people you work with. Tina's video 'Pain is more complex than I thought' is also available now.

PPA Member, Greg Booth shares his experience of a Health Education England Internship, at the start of his clinical research career.



Jackie Walumbe (PPA Vice Chair, Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow) contributed to two podcasts on ‘Changing the culture of conversations for New AHP Leaders' with Rachel Moses @AHPLeader on YouTube. The first podcast offers clinicians with white privilege an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of AHPs who identify as Black, or from other minority ethnicities. The second highlights examples of how to be an ally within the workplace. The third explores pre-registration education including recruitment and fostering an inclusive learning environment. The podcasts demonstrate the work White people in the profession need to do - address unconscious biases, take action to become anti-racist, and then share learning with other colleagues. Essential viewing for clinical educators, team leads, managers, those working in HEIs and anyone aspiring to be in these positions.

The Physio Matters Podcast recently featured episodes with Diarmuid Denneny (PPA Chair, discussing psychologically informed practice), Tom Jesson (on radicular pain, radiculopathy and sciatica) Dr John Launer (on narrative based medicine) and Joletta Belton (discussing her story with pain). The Patient Matters Podcast also has excellent episodes including with Christine (PPA Patient Representative) with an extra segment.

The Healing Pain Podcast has also had some interesting episodes lately. Professor Cormac Ryan (co-editor in chief of the PPA journal Pain and Rehabilitation) joined presenter Dr Joe Tatta to discuss partial reconceptualisation of pain. Sarah Wilson (previous PPA Chair) discussed her career and evolution of her practice. The episode 'Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into physiotherapist practice' is well worth a listen.

All podcasts are available from the usual podcast apps and websites. 

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