Living Well with Pain Blog

The Living Well with Pain blog offers insights into a person's understanding of their pain and how they manage their condition.

Tina has collated blogs relevant to healthcare professionals here in particular, the 'Dear Clinician' blog and 'Dear Clinician - thank you' can be used by physiotherapists to prompt reflection. 
In this blog Tina explores her understanding of her condition. She discusses how the initial attepts to "explain pain" did not take full account of her whole experience and she has sought models that are closer to explaining her truth. 
In the next blog, Tina shares her thoughts on how to make the most of an episode of physiotherapy. This blog has been highly commended by physiotherapists and Tina may condense it down to key messages for a leaflet. It is hoped that a leaflet could be shared with patients attending physiotherapy, so they know what to expect when engaging in rehabilitation for a long term condition.
Tina updates her blog regularly, so check in or follow her on Twitter @LivingWellPain 
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