Footsteps Festival 2021

The Footsteps Festival 2021 has kicked off! This is a volunteer led, co-produced year-long festival on living well with pain.

The organisers would like your help to promote and contribute to upcoming events.

The Footsteps Festival 2021 has kicked off and there are some very exciting events planned.

The Footsteps Festival is volunteer run and would really welcome any help people can give in planning, producing and promoting these events throughout the year – whether people living with pain, used to, have friends or family who do, or are a professional who works in the field of pain –whatever help would be valued. Support is sought from sharing lived experience, ideas and creativity through to skills in PR, tech, marketing, helping run Zoom sessions and creating content - written or video

The level of commitment required is flexible for this exciting project; volunteers all dip in and out as time, skills and lives dictate. This is a true co-production and our core principles ensure that every person and their contribution is equally valued and respected. 

The events below have started, are in planning and some need help getting off the ground! Please contact us through the website, e-mail or social media if you wish to be involved in any aspect! You will be welcomed with gratitude and open arms (albeit socially distanced!). 


Main Stage

Step Into Singing  a collaboration with Opera North to bring the joy of singing and breath work and social connection to people living with pain. The sessions commenced on 26th January, but book future sessions at or through the Festival site.

This is an amazing opportunityand something really positive and helpful that clinicians can signpost their patients to.


Creative Corner Tent

Creative Writing – we have an amazing workshop on the 16th March 2021 5.30-7pm live on Zoom. 

The session starts with shorter exercises so participants can chose what suits them. Resources will also be posted in the Creative Corner tent.

Arts, Crafts and Creativity – we are starting to plan events around these important areas. We hope to have events ranging from webinars on the science behind how and why these things help to social gatherings where participants can show off their makings and enjoy the socialising. We have some great fibre-art and craft content in the pipe line but would love wider input or resources.


The Wellbeing Tent


Look out for an “Introduction to Mindfulness” session and a video will be available afterwards.  An 8 Week Mindfulness Course starting on 23 February 4-6pm. This is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed.

Sleep - Webinar event on7th March at 7pm with Dr Sue Peacock. We welcome any other ideas or help with further events in the area of sleep.

Self-Management of Pain if you have children (or similar commitments) – we are conscious that there is a lack of advice and content designed for people who have children (or similar caring commitments) from how you explain someone else’s pain to a child to how you can adapt self-management techniques within the demands of child care. Any ideas or content regarding this area would be wonderful.

Carers, friends, family and loved ones of those who live with pain. We are planning some events discussing the challenges and positives the experiences of those who live adjacent to pain; we encourage any volunteers interested in this area to contact us. We are interested in both the lived experience and the point of view of clinicians’ particularly concerning improving communication and welcome any thoughts or assistance on exploring this important and poorly served area of pain management.

Social Prescribing – this is an interesting area and we’d love to highlight how it could be used to help people self-manage their pain, we’d like to provide content explaining the purpose and benefit.


Pain and the Brain Tent

The 10 Footsteps Programme - A series of workshops based around the “Ten Footsteps to Living Well With Pain concept. We will be running these throughout the year.

Further content regarding Pain science will also be produced. The recording of the webinar held in December with Flippin Pain is available on the website here:


Active Zone

Yoga and Tai Chi – we hope to explore these vital areas during the festival.

Dance – dance has so much to bring people living in pain, from free dance with whatever body part can move to structured dance like ballet. We would love to explore how dance can help people and bring joy to their lives.

Walking, strolling and mindful walking – walking is an accessible, social (out of covid times!) activity and we’d love to provide information and events around the usefulness and benefits of walking from a simple stroll to a mountain hike adventure. 

Other movement – from cycling (especially now e-bikes are so much better) to lifting weights – what helps people and why? A vital area to explore – ideas and help gratefully received.


Into the Wild 

Outside and Nature – a huge area and a huge source of joy, healing and adventure. Help us form content. 

Animals – from pet care designed for people living with painto exploring the science of why they make us feel better. We are planning content with vetsbehaviourists and people who have lived experience but also want to have space for simple social hang out time with our furry friends and Footsteps Festival goers!


Street Kitchen

The area of cooking as a mindful and creative, joyful occupation is important, and nutrition itself is vital.  Ideas and volunteers gratefully received in this important area.


The People Place

Gadget-Life – people who live with pain utilise gadgets in many areas of life – from accessibility, mobility and tech, gadgets have the power to make our lives easier. We are planning events where people can come together and share what works for them, what is available, and maybe we will be able to explore the more nuanced aspects of assistance via gadgets, aids and life hacks.

Coffee Morning Zoom – we are planning facilitated social sessions with content built around what people living with pain wish to see.

Specific Condition Events - Planning is in progress for events/resources for Sciatica and Facial pain.

Any further ideas or offers of assistance with one off content/resources will be gratefully received.

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