Culture Specific Pain Leaflets - Islam & Chronic Pain and Physiotherapy and Prayer

Year published: 2015

Mohammad Shoiab is a specialised pain management physiotherapist with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s Living with Pain team.

Patients say the programme is like finding a light at the end of a tunnel, as they had previously struggled to come to terms with living with persistent pain and lacked access to a language or culturally-specific source of information,’ says Mr Shoiab. ‘Many tears are shed.’

The team has produced some educational leaflets, including one titled Physiotherapy and prayer: information leaflet for Muslim patients.

Input from the chaplaincy service helps to dispel some cultural and religious myths about persistent pain.

The team received invaluable advice from CSP members, the Physiotherapy Pain Association, the British Pain Society and physiotherapy pain specialists from Birmingham, Leicester and London, Mr Shoiab adds.

CSP members who would like further details about the service can email Mr Shoiab at

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