Psychologically Informed Collaborative Conversations for Paediatric Physiotherapists (PIC-C)

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£255 APCP members £300 non-members
Online event

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Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists

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Pain is common in the general population, affecting between 6 and 25% of UK children . The connection between pain and psychological wellbeing is reciprocal – with increased awareness that when pain persists it often leads to increased psychological distress and high levels of psychological distress can increase the likelihood that painful musculoskeletal conditions will either persist or develop. Helping clinicians implement psychologically informed treatment strategies and techniques offers the promise of improving patient care for people living with pain.

Service provided:

  • Training & supervision programme
  • Pre-course reading materials
  • Course workbook (electronic version)

Training format:

  •  Online/ remote delivery
  •  Weekly sessions 16 weeks
  • Weeks 1-8: 90min whole group experiential learning session (20 participants with 2 facilitators)
  • Weeks 9-16: 60 min small group supervision (5 participants and 1 facilitator per group – therefore, four supervision groups in total with each facilitator leading x2 supervision groups per week). 
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