Research & Publications

The PPA aims to provide a community of practice to share knowledge and experience in order to improve outcomes for people living with pain. The PPA is committed to supporting evidence-based research, clinical expertise, cutting edge pain therapy options and multidisciplinary treatment that aims to enhance physical and psychological well- being.

The PPA journal, Pain and Rehabilitation is a peer-reviewed, open access publication with a strong history of publishing a variety of methods, to inform clinical practice. The editorial team are inviting you to make a submission for coming editions and are also willing to develop novice authors to increase chances of publication.

The PPA launched a small grants bursary at Physiotherapy UK 2020.  These bursaries aim to support physiotherapists and physiotherapy students to undertake pain related research activity.  For the PPA bursaries, there are two funding streams, each one will be able to offer financial support to enable small scale research related projects.  To find out more and to apply, click here.

Recently, Jackie Walumbe and Diarmuid Denneny (PPA vice chair and chair) collaborated with Joletta Belton, patient advocate on a rapid review published in the Scandanavian Journal of Pain, 'Pain management programmes via video conferencing'.

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