PPA Research Bursaries FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am applying for funding, but don’t yet have ethical approval in place. Will this prevent my
application being considered?

A: No. Funds for successful applications will be withheld until all necessary ethical and governance approvals are in place.

Q: Can I apply for funds to ‘top up’ an award made by another funder?
A: No. We do not ‘top up’ grants that have been inadequately funded by another organisation. We will consider funding ‘add-on’ projects if they are identified prospectively.

Q: Can I request funds for a laptop computer?
A: No. We do not normally fund laptops/computers/tablets.

Q: Can I request funds for equipment, e.g. microscopes, recording devices?
A: No. We do not usually fund equipment. We do fund requests for consumables.

Q: Do you accept applications from outside the UK?
A: No. At this time we do not fund applications from outside the UK

Q: What do you mean by a ‘lay summary’?
A: This should be a summary of your research and include: brief justification for the aims/objectives, information on methods and some commentary on the anticipated results and the impact of these. It should be written in a language that is accessible and will be understandable by members of the public generally.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any questions about the form or application process?
A: You should contact selina.johnson@thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk or jackie.walumbe@nhs.net

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