PPA Webinar: Reflections on Digital Consultations

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14:30 - 16:00

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55.378051, -3.435973

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Please ensure you have updated to Zoom 5.0 prior to the commencement of the webinar.

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Clinical practice is changing rapidly to accomodate social distancing guidance.

With many consultations moving to digital provision for the forseeable future, this PPA Webinar aims share the experiences of patients and clinicians with digital consultations.

Patient representatives will share their insights and attendees will hear from clinicians who have adopted a different way of working and the learning they have gained in recent weeks.

This webinar will provide practical hints and tips on embracing digital consultations and support clinicians to reflect on aspects of interacting with patients digitally.

The webinar will be broadcast live. There will be time for questions with the panel. The recording will be available on the PPA website after the webinar has concluded.