Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Physiotherapy is the key

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19:00 - 20:30
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The Physiotherapy Pain Association - Claire

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Fiona Cowell - Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in Trauma, Therapies Department, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sharon Gillespie - Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in Hand Therapy, Therapies Department, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Selina Johnson - Pain Specialist Physiotherapist at The Walton Centre NHS trust, UK/ PhD student and researcher at The University of Liverpool, UK

Emma Mair - Clinical Specialist Pain Management Physiotherapist/ Chronic Pain Clinical Lead for Primary Care in Scotland 


This is a fantastic opportunity to hear physiotherapists with a special interest in CRPS present evidence, resources and tools in order for physiotherapy to be centrally placed in affecting change and improving patient care.

The speakers work in a variety of settings, and present information and experience of acute and chronic management of CRPS and introduce a model for CRPS education across current care pathways in England and Scotland. This talk was first presented at the Physiotherapy UK 2020 conference where the PPA partnered with the CSP on the ‘Managing Complex Pain’ theme.  

The webinar will be delivered on Zoom and there will be a chance to ask questions.  

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to share knowledge including lived experience, research, ideas and resources to improve the identification and management of CRPS.  

The current challenges and guidelines of CRPS will be explored. The evidence underpinning the management approaches will be critiqued and practical tips to improve treatment and management of CRPS in a range of settings will be discussed.