People with pain

There are a number of resources about pain that people who live with pain may find helpful in understanding and managing their pain problem.

Patient information

The Back Book

by Martin Roland, Gordon Waddell, Jennifer Klaber-Moffett, Kim Burton & Chris Main.

This is a concise guide to the best available advice for back pain. It is full of simple, easy to remember messages and can be ordered for £1.25 here.

The Pain Relief Foundation is a UK charity which funds research into the causes and treatment of chronic pain. Information booklets, written by the staff of the Pain Relief Foundation and endorsed by The Walton Centre Pain Team can be downloaded or ordered from here.

Pain Concern are another UK charity based. They have a helpline, podcast, forum, videos and leaflets available through their website.



The Living Well with Pain blog is written by Tina, who lives with a persistent pain condition. Everyone will experience pain differently and although it affects people in different ways, it may be helpful to read about one person's experience and relate it to your own.
In this blog Tina explores her understanding of her condition, sciatica, or radicular pain. She discusses her understanding of the nervous system and the development of radicular pain.
In the next blog, Tina shares her thoughts on how to make the most of an episode of physiotherapy. This blog has been highly commended by physiotherapists and Tina may condense it down to key messages for a leaflet. It is hoped that a leaflet could be shared with patients attending physiotherapy, so they know what to expect when engaging in rehabilitation for a long term condition.
Here, in Persistent Pain 'Pacing' and 'Flare Ups', Tina discusses how she now manages her pain condition and the theory behind it. This can involve pacing activity when there are events or activities she wants to engage in and she also explores how she copes when her pain levels escalate, as they inevitably do from time to time.

Useful books

Manage your Pain

by Michael Nicholas, Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin & Lee Beeston.

This is a well written, excellent all-round coverage of pain management methods, for patients and professionals. Now in it's 3rd edition and available here.

Overcoming Chronic Pain

by F Cole, H Macdonald, C Carus, H Howden-Leach

This is another well written book on self help methods that is widely available. Here and here.

Coping Successfully with Pain

by Neville Shone

This is a personal description of how his chronic pain developed, and his experiences of going to a pain management programme and using the methods to improve his life with pain.
It is a paperback that can be ordered from a range of bookstores and online booksellers.

Pain, the Science of Suffering

by Patrick Wall.

This is a readable explanation of the complexities of pain by a world authority. Available on e-reader and secondhand here.

Explain Pain

by Lorimer Moseley and David Butler

This book explains the complexities of the pain system and what happens when pain goes on for longer than we expect. It was written for both clinicians and patients and is full of colourful illustrations to explain quite difficult concepts. It gives suggestions on how to put this knowledge towards managing pain problems.
It can be ordered from

Painful Yarns

by Lorimer Moseley

This book is a collection of amusing stories from the authors own experience to explain modern pain biology. At the end of each story, there is a section "so what has this got to do with pain?" in which the author uses the story as a metaphor for some aspect of pain biology.
It can be ordered from


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