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Happy Friday Links 8th February 2013!




Pleae this weeks links below!

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Pain in Older People – management guidelines

Sub groups in FMS?

Mitochondrial changes implicated in FMS,type.1/article_detail.asp

Prognostic factors in whiplash

71 of the most current pain papers via Pain Research Forum

Cortical changes with GMI – case study

Love, hate and committment

Do some people never engage? A view from Psychotherapy

Skin as a social organ

Latest human antigravity suit blog now out!

Patient story of whole body CRPS and GMI – from new Noigroup blog

Empathy, outrespection and the art of living – via RSA Animate

How do posture and breathing change our brains?

Unreliability of core stability tests – if you can’t measure it can you treat it?

IASP e-newsletter

World Cancer Day 4th Feb – courage and strength to all women

Paediatric pain – 25 years ago it was thought babies didn’t feel pain

Less engaged patients cost more money

Are ‘morning types’ less sensitive to pain than ‘evening types’?

Have a great weekend!

The view contained in the above links do not neccessarily represent the views of the PPA






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