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Happy Friday Links 7th June 2013!


Please find this weeks links below

Vibe’s PhD thesis  ‘Classification and targeted treatment of patients with Non
Specific Chronic Low Back Pain’

Acupuncture – the end of a myth?

Pain related fear in children – interview with Laura Simons via PRF

Review of treatments for vulvodynia

Voice disorder in FMS

The linguistic journey in pain – good discussion

Surgical sadness from Butler

Link to Societal Impact of Pain 2013 conference videos

An unusual kind of circuit controls movement – the spill over effect

What chronic pain and illness make me miss most

Why all health professionals should get communication skill training.

Frances Cole discusses pacing with a patient – via Kirklees Trust

Diane Jacobs continues to review the Melzack and Katz article

How to explain the neuromatrix via Somasimple

Explaining chronic pain – the flip flop theory


Have a great weekend!


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