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Happy Friday Links - 23rd October 2015


Please find this weeks Happy Friday Links below.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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The enactive approach – every body has a body

Jazz and the art of medicine via Ian Stevens

If we don’t feel stupid we’re not really trying

Does EBM devalue the patient’s view? 6 biases in EBM

Body mind interactions in LBP – Mary O’Keefe and Kieran O’Sullivan

Patient therapist interactions in MSK Physio – what are the important bits?

Patients who get pain ed with touch do better than without touch

Brief psychologically informed training changes Physio’s attitudes

What to do when EBM and clinical experience pull you in different ways

Brand new – Pain Concern’s – Breaking Barriers to Self Management video’s

Wrestler and Doctor – John Bonica – his amazing story

5 key skills for pain clinicians

Denis’s story – how changing my beliefs about back pain made me pain free

Zombie ideas – do we really take these seriously?

Thinking about patient’s versus people – what the effects might be

Why pain, why now?





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