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Happy Friday Links 15th January 2016!


Below are this Friday's links.....

Have a fantastic weekend!

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What is pain? – what does Lozza think?

Pain and stress in a systems perspective – reciprocal neural, endocrine and immune interactions

The phenomomenology of chronic pain – embodiment and alienation

Skin brain theory – nervous systems evolved to move!

Pain - are we measuring the wrong thing?

Faculty of Pain Medicine – Core Standards for Pain Management

Education on its own ineffective – for LBP and neck pain

Exercise therapy for pain diabetic neuropathy

Father of fascia – ‘the pendulum has swung too far’

How Patch Adams gave hope

Musings on pain, language and meaning

Never had a patient tell me a medicine changed my life

Forget the gizmos

Trauma informed care

Lifelong cost of burying chronic stress


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