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Happy Friday Links 15th August 2013!


Interview with Fred Wolfe on fibromyalgia

Sub stratification of whiplash – no difference

Glucocorticoids, HPA axis and and homeostasis via Diane Jacobs – full text

Rocker soles for CLBP – the evidence??? Flat shoes better in this trial

Treating pain in Botswana

Are there different types of placebo

Placebo – the beer goggles of medicine?

Evolutionary psychology of healing By Nick Humphrey and John Skoyles

Nick Humphreys – why the placebo effect works – via Sig Mikkelsen

Louis, pain and Swiss chocolate

Do patients prefer certainty to knowledge?

Patient choice in alt med

Frank Forencich – what’s the point?

Persistent Pain Cycle – free to download and print off for waiting room – via Pete Moore

Tom Goon – explains pain

From art of medicine to science of care

New ideas are scary – but do it anyway!

Have a great weekend!

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