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Happy Friday Links 15th April 2016!


Please find this weeks below, have a fantastic weekend!!

Nociplastic, Nocipathic, Algopathic….do we need a new descriptor for pain? Here!

Has evidence based medicine been hijacked?  here!!

What do patient’s think of pain education?

Early MRI of nerve root compression cannot predict who will benefit from surgery or conservative Rx


Alexander technique or heat? Heat wins

Living well with chronic pain: is it possible?  Might it be necessary?

OT Student blogs about living with Ehler’s Danlos

Live, plan be – great new patient resource

Can manual therapies make therapeutic space?

Am I operating on your pain or your anxiety?

Spinal fusion patients less likely to return to work and use more opiates

Red flags and the elderly

San Diego Pain Summit Musings

One pseudoscience objects to another!Understand-Pain/ctu0/56dab81b0cf2cacdc424995e

These are great – please take a look

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