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CSP Quality Assurance and Enhancement Group - Elections - Deadline August 12th


PPA members are encouraged to put themselves forward for election to the CSP Quality Assurance and Enhancement Group.


See documents for further info and application forms.

When applying please copy PPA Chair to to any correspondence.

The Quality Assurance & Enhancement (QAE) Group has a broad remit relating to the CSP’s quality assurance and enhancement activity for education at all levels relevant to CSP members, be they qualified, associate, or students. It undertakes a variety of operational activity on behalf of the Education Committee, to which it reports: for example, it oversees the Annual Quality Review of UK qualifying physiotherapy education, reviews programme recognitions, and considers applications to the CSP’s registers of Education Representatives, and External Examiners.

 It is a really dynamic group, with a mixture of educators and clinicians. It meets three times a year, with meetings in December, March, and July. These meetings include the business and operational activity of the Group, as well as regular workshops, which allow the group to utilise its range of perspectives on issues relating to physiotherapy education. Recent workshops have covered topics such as the Francis Report and changing workforce and service needs.

The focus of the next 9 months is practice education, looking in particular at the Accreditation of Clinical Educators (ACE) scheme, and the CSP’s Practice Education Guidance, which is being developed over the next few months. The additional perspective that a Professional Network representative would contribute will be especially valuable during this time.

For more information about the CSP’s Quality Assurance & Enhancement role, please click here


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